As there is next to no information on the web about this

computer, here's a nice stack of stuff from the old NLUG papers

with many, many, many thanks to Witchy from Binary Dinosaurs for

the scans. Also here are some disassembly listings which I hacked

together whilst writing the emu. Any contacts from old NLUG

members would be great.


PALE Credits

Emu Programming - Me :)

Z80 Core Engine - Marcel de Kogel (thanks, thanks, thanks)

French Translation - James Boillee

A stack of absolutely invaluable Lynx Info - Witchy


More needed, including 'homegrown', help with tape conversion is available

from the author.



h e r a c lion@tal ktalk . net

(just remove the spaces from the above email address)


Lynx Info

ROM Routines 1

ROM Routines 2

ROM Routines 3

ROM Routines 4

VARS Variables 1

VARS Variables 2

Keyboard Ports 1

Keyboard Ports 2

Keyboard Ports 3

ROM Disassembly

Tape Format