TI Chronos & Pibrella Part 2

EZ430-ChronosBecause TI currently have them on sale with a 60% discount (approx $23) for the next couple of weeks (1st July to 14th July) I thought it was time to write up the next part of this series. The 1st thing you’ll need even if you are going to write your own code to read the data is to install Ti’s Chronos software on your Raspberry Pi so you can test that the watch and dongle are actually working. The problem with that is that the Control Center software is packaged inside an x86 executable which of course will not run on a Raspberry Pi, however, that executable is actually just a self extracting archive with a self extracting archive in it and the REAL¬†Control Center is just a Tcl/Tk application (series of applications). Because I like to keep my hacking/reversing skills from getting too rusty rather than do the sensible thing & find an x86 computer (i’m currently without anything that isn’t ARM or MIPS based general computerwise) after unzipping the 1st archive and examining the 2nd archive I used a few tricks from my toolkit (¬†strings -a -t d, dd & a few other little utilities and tricks) to create the Tcl/Tk Control Center directory tree. To save you from having to go through all that hassle i’ve created a tarball with the Control Center & associated utilities in it http://www.russelldavis.org/Files/files/RaspberryPi/TIChronos/TIChronos_ControlCenter_slac388.tar.gz
After plugging in the Chronos dongle into a USB port on the Raspberry Pi you can start the Chronos Control Center.

You can now test that the accelerometer is working by pressing the start access point button and switching the Chronos to ACC mode (3 presses of the bottom left button from the time display & then 1 press of the bottom right button once you are on the screen that says ACC on it).

If you go to PPT (powerpoint mode) you can use the Chronos as buttons to do something on the Raspberry Pi which can be setup on the Key Config tab.

If you don’t want to do anything fancy the Control Center will do but if you want to do things like control motors or use the Chronos as a mouse or “keyboard” you’ll need to write your own code which i’ll deal with in the next part.


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