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CAM00627About 8 weeks ago a Micro Center opened about 25 blocks away from where I live and as i’ve been told by many people who live near a Micro Center that it’s a great place i’ve been planning on going down to browse for a few weeks. Today my wife is home sick, hogging the TV, has papers scattered all over the bed & my desk & making lots of noisey phone calls so I can’t nap or work so I decided that’d i’d run the gauntlet of Adult video stores, medical labs, kitchen appliance warehouse stores along 3rd Avenue and take a wander down there and have a browse especially as it’d be mostly safe as I only had a few bucks (enough for a PiBow case if they still have the one that was listed as in stock when I looked last week) I could afford to spend there so it’s not as if i’d be tempted to fill a shopping cart even if they did have everything I am lusting for :)

First off the place is massive. I only took one photo of it’s length as although the first thing I did when I got there was to ask the manager permission to take a few photos which was granted I didn’t want to take too many and also wanted to make sure I didn’t get any people in the photos if I could help it.CAM00641The store is about as wide as it is long so it’s ginormous :) and stocked to the rafters with goodies. ¬†First of all I did a couple of quick circuits of the store and stared longingly at all the desktops, monitors, tablets, graphics cards and all the laptops, both Apple and not, although more time was spent gazing at the Apple macbooks than at the other laptops :) and then I wandered over to the area that was the real reason I wanted to see what Micro Center was like.


The DIY/Hobbies sign leads to a wall about 40 feet long that is chockablock with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Beagleboards :( :) and kits & projects of all types.







What a lot of Raspberry Pi kits. They also have quite a few Raspberry Pi cases of various types including the PiBow, until I bought the last one in stock :) cables and addon boards , EnOcean Pi, Embedded Pi, etc. They don’t seem to sell the Pi camera on it’s own but I forgot to ask to check about that so i’ll have to go back sometime and check :)There is about the same amount of Arduino stuff and further along the wall a large section of SparkFun kits, Make items and right at the end a reasonably sized section of Beaglebone stuff. ¬†All in all the selection is almost as good as RadioShack when it was still called Tandy RadioShack, almost but not quite as they don’t have a large selection of those little extras like resistors, leds, switches, capacitors etc but they do have them :)

All in all I REALLY like Micro Center and I suspect they will be getting an awful lot of my disposable income especially as they have shoved a lot of impulse buy t-shirts, sharpies, character usb drives and flashlights right before the checkout :)

I do wish they carried things like the PiHub and addons like the Pibrella & PiGlow etc. as I like instant gratification but maybe if I (and a lot of others) bug them enough they will one day :)




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  1. What is it like in terms of pricing? Over here (Essex, UK) the only thing this big are the larger Maplins stores, which can be very expensive – although the service is usually friendly and they try and help you as best they can (there’s always one very well informed tech nerd in each store than ends up answering most of the questions!)

  2. On the whole pretty good. I only really looked in the diy/hobby, the book & impulse buy sections and all seemed reasonable when you compare from sites w/ postage charges. pibow was $21 plus tax so couple bucks over adafruit but no shipping charge. For the big stuff I looked at the catalog nothing seems OTT pricewise.

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