Completely meaningless stats about 2,500,000 Raspberry Pis

[Originally posted March 2nd 2014]

While i’m waiting for the kettle to boil so I can make a cup of tea I thought i’d do some calculations on how high & how long 2,500,000 Raspberry Pis are. I used the data from the FAQ and assuming that the number of Raspberry Pis sold is 2,500,000 (The last sales numbers quoted by the Foundation) if we stacked 2,500,000 on top of each other then we’d reach 52.5 kilometres, which is into the Mesosphere & approx 13 kilometres higher than Babbage reached on his highest trip into the sky.
(((number of Rpi sold * 21mm)/1000)/1000) = 52.5
(((2500000 * 21 )/1000)/1000) = 52.5KM



If we laid all the Raspberry Pis sold end to end along their X axis (85.60mm) then we’d have 214 kilometres of Raspberry Pis and if you drew a circle with a radius of 214 kilometres centred on Pi Towers then you could reach anywhere on the circumference of the green circle.


(((number of Rpi sold * 85.60mm)/1000)/1000) = 214
(((2500000 * 85.60 )/1000)/1000) = 214KM

If you laid all the Raspberry Pis sold end to end along their Y axis (56mm) then you’d have 140 kilometres of Raspberry Pis & you’d be able to reach any place on the circumference of the green circle.


(((number of Rpi sold * 56mm)/1000)/1000) = 140
(((2500000 * 56 )/1000)/1000) = 140KM

Finally if we were trying to weight all the Raspberry Pis sold it would take approx 28.125 female Asian elephants.

(2500000 * 45)/1000) =112500kg

112500kg/4000kg = 28.125 elephants.

[Note: all totals assume that all the Raspberry Pis were model Bs which isn’t true but does it really matter? :) ]


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